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Hercules reads his script entirely wrong.
(he read the word disappointed when he was supposed to sound disappointed)


Anonymous asked:

Fixing the fluff problem should actually be insanely easy. All GW has to do is out of the blue say "hey so imperial scientists figured out how to have geneseed work with the female genome" or something and bam! Lady space marines for everyone!



Good point! If the Mechanicus can manage it(I’ll point to the Priests of Mars series) and they decide to share this technology then that fixes the issue. Of course we run into the issue of AdMech hoarding technology but with the Salamanders and Raven Guard reportedly being at less than chapter strength I’m sure they might be uncharacteristically “sympathetic” if the Lords of Terra were to make a treaty with them that some of the Space Marines made from the new tech went to defense of forge worlds, Mars and explorator fleets. 

Another theory been thrown around has been the 2 unknown primarchs purged from Imperial records. What if they were the Emperor’s daughters and somehow evidence was uncovered of their existence and gender? That could also lead to a “discovery” of sorts towards women Space Marines. Along with the added benefit of advancing the plot :)

Thank you for adding to the discussion!

So their understanding of technology has degraded to such a point that their ‘scientists’ wouldn’t be able to figure out how a 21st century machine works, the ‘machine spirit’ is a loosely veiled term for an Operating System. So I doubt their understanding of human/space marine  biology has fared any better. The only person who is still technically alive that would know enough is Fabius Bile and even his experiments went horribly, horribly wrong.

Please also remember that Tech Priests, while they don’t discriminate with recruitment to the Cult of Mars, they are not genetically enhanced, but mechanically enhanced with cybernetics. 
And if you think they’re going to share secrets with the Imperium just because they have an agreement with the Emperor (which is the only reason they’re still allies) you’re wrong. 
The Tech Priest from Priests of Mars who created a clone of himself also made a miscalculation with the clone production, so I doubt they could replicate it, and again even if they could like hell they would share it.

If you read into Salamanders and Raven Guard tactics you’ll see why they’re below strength. Salamanders have an intense and long induction which few pass, Raven Guard have a large recuitment of scouts due to their stealth and hit and run tactics, so the numbers of actual Marines are low, their also have an incredibly unstable gene seed 
They also suffer from their gene seed mutations which prevents them from recruiting off world, like Space Wolves (though due to Fenris having a extreme environment induction is less intense for them, but there is still a risk of the gene seed taking over).

GW has also clarified that the 2 purged chapters were there to allow players to create their own chapters, and the missing Primarchs are frequently referred to as Brothers by the others.

Besides, There are the sisters of battle,The Eldar Race, the tau, and some deamons of chaos. They already incorporate female warriors that are not overly sexed up and a lot of them I would say are badass. The only army that I think could use the incorporation more female models would be the imperial guard, fire warriors, or maybe a female necron empresses. That would be pretty cool.   
But overall, I say we have some good female characters, farseerers and commander shadowsun, banshees, and some daemonettes.

I’m just throwing in my two cents… 


Raging Heroes - The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy

These for the most part are all the miniatures from the Collection, that I want and have use for.

some of the models are sexualized, but for the most part they are fairly realistic, as far as SciFi/Fantasy gaming goes. I would mainly use them in my Warhammer army as Inquisitor Henchmen or Imperial Guard. but i have really cool Ideals for them in an RPG game. They semi remind me of an Escher Gang style unit of Imperial Guard.

so yeah, go help the kickstarter, I wish I could afford to help, but I dont think I can invest that much and without any promise of getting the models I want/need.

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